Paying guests get full service mode with 3 meals per day.  Nidia cooks, we also provide a maid, bartender, assistant and gardener.  In full service mode you will have help from 8 am until 7 pm 6 days per week.  You just pay for the food and beverages.  Meal hours are 9 am, 1pm, and 6pm. If you want a late dinner there is and extra charge described on the meals page. Please tip Nidia $80 per night USD per for the whole group. 7 nights tip would be $560, 10 nights tip would be $800 etc. You sould tip for Sunday night even though they arent at the house. She will distribute the tips to others.  Full service includes daily maid service in all rooms. No laundry service. Full service mode also includes 2 free half day boat rides.  Again full service is for paying guests. 


Most people have 7 to 10 items with them, bug spray, sun block,  sun glasses, reading glasses, a cell phone, a camera, an ipod, a book, etc.  If you have a group of 15 people that is a lot of stuff!  Please keep your stuff in your room.  Including shoes.  There will be a couple shelves for these items and you can put these stray items on these shelves.  Entropy is an incredibly strong force in large groups!  Tidying up will save you a ton of time when you are getting ready to go on an outing. Please keep your stuff in your room, not one of the three palapas or decks. Please hang towels on the chaise lounges. You can also hang things that are wet in your closet; they dry quickly there.  There are also four small clothes drying racks. In the morning flip the chaise lounge pads over so the dewy side is down.