Don’t forget to take your passport.  If you take a minor U.S. citizen without both parents you may need a notarized permission note signed by both parents.  Please WhatsApp  Nidia with a list of the first and last name of every member in your group.  The gate at Marina Chacala needs this for security.  Nidia will print it out and give it to the gate guard. Nidia WhatsApp is +523271024974


Telephone number (from the US): 011-52-1-327-219-4115

Las Palapas,

Marina Chacala

Nayarit, Mexico


Driving is like the USA, except that the left turn lanes are on the right. If you want to make a left turn, pull off to the RIGHT side of the road (in very busy areas, turn on to the right road that is parallel to the busy road). Then when traffic clears, or lights permit, you may turn left. Watch others and copy them.  In some high traffic areas there is a left turn lane.

To get to Las Palapas. Go north on 200, the main highway.  I would use google or apple maps.  Put in Marina Chacala as the destination.  About 25 minutes north of the airport there is a turn off for the new toll road.  Be sure to take that, it save nearly 35 minutes.   Just follow your map app.  Be sure to have 400 pesos for the tolls.  They dont take dollars or credit cards.

Chacala is 9 km to the west or left of the main highway.  Stay on the paved road and follow the sign to Marina Chacala.  The road ends at a large wooden unmarked gate.  Rev your engine and they will come out.  Let them know you are staying at Las Palapas and tell them the names of the guests in that car.  They will check you against the list Nidia gave them.  

Drive thru both gates and proceed down the hill to the right.  At the bottom of the hill turn to the right.  You will notice our neighbor’s large vacant lot on the beach.  Las Palapas is just past that on the left.


Please call Juan the local cab person.  Juan uses WhatsApp his number is +523271020759

He will charge $2600 pesos each way. He will also add another 400 pesos for toll road charges.  The current exchange rate varries and is froom 16 to 17 pesos per dollar. at 16 pesos per dollar that is 3000/16 or $188. His van holds 7 people maximum.  He also has an Urvan which holds 10 people and luggage. Juan will meet you in the airport parking lot in front of the OXXO store with a las palapas sign.

You can also rent cars at the airport.

Uber works for small groups of 3 or less.  Enter Las Palapas and select the one that says Chacala.  Uber works form airport to Las Palapas but not back.  Uber costs around 1100 pesos.  At 17 pesos per dollar that is about $65 USD.  Please tip at least $20 USD since they cant get a fare back.  


Juan also provides boat service. He or his nephew Roberto can take you out on the boat for up to four hours twice during your week stay at Las Palapas.  2 trips are free.  If you need additional time  ask Juan for his rates. Please also tip $60 dollars for each trip.  Just call Juan at the number above in the taxi section.  Or just ask Nidia to set up a boat trip.  Juans WhatsApp is +523271020759