(Full Service Only)

Coffee (café)

Juice (jugo): orange (naranja), pineapple (pina), mango, apple (manzana)

Fruit (fruta): same as juice selection, plus: banana, papaya, watermelon

(sandia), strawberries (fresas), cantelope, honeydew (melones chinos),

jackfruit (yaka)

Choice of:

Cereal with milk (con leche)

Tortillas sautéed with chile sauce (chilaquiles) and salsas

Pancakes: Plain (simple), Banana


Eggs (huevos):

Scrambled (revueltos)

Sunny side up (estrellados)

Sunny side up with salsa & beans on crisp tortillas (huevos rancheros) Scrambled with chiles, tomatoes & beans (huevos a la Mexicana)

Scrambled with ham or bacon (huevos revueltos con jamon o tocino)

Banana muffins

Toast (pan tostada)

Side Dishes: Ham (jamon), Bacon (tocino)


(Any Breakfast or Dinner entrée or Side Dish may be requested at lunch)

Quesadillas: Cheese (de queso), Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne)

Burritos: Cheese (de queso), Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne)

Tacos: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne), Shrimp (camarones)

Sandwiches: Chicken or Beef (tortas de pollo o carne)

Caesar Salad with chicken (ensalada Cesar con pollo)

Tortilla soup (sopa de tortilla), with chicken (con pollo)


Fruit (fruta cortada), Crudites (verduras crudas y cortadas)

Chips (topopos), and Cookies (galletas)


Tortilla chips (topopos) or Crackers (galletas saltadas)

Salsa: chopped (pico de gallo), red (rojo), green (verde)

Specify spicy (picante) or mild (no picante)


Nachos: Cheese (de queso solamente)

with beans & chiles (con frijoles y chiles)

Shrimp (Camarones): Coconut (de coco), Barbecued, or Plain (simple)

Shrimp Cocktail (camarones en coctel) con topopos o galletas saltadas

Shrimp Tempura

Ceviche: Shrimp (camarones), or Fish (pescado)

Cheesy Corn Dip: Salsa Picante de Elote with Chips (con topopos)

Cheese Ball with onions and nuts (bola de queso con cebollas y nuesces)

Avocado Sushi Roll (rollos de aquacate)

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll

Vegetable Tempura

Las Palapas Sushi Roll with Shrimp (rollos de Las Palapas)

Shoe String Potatoes

Nuts (nueces): pistachios, almonds (almendras), peanuts (cacahuetes)


SIDE DISHES (choice of three):


Green Salad (ensalada verde) with tomatoes, avocado onion & carrots

(con jitomates, aguacate, cebollas y zanahorias)

Caesar Salad (ensalada de Cesar)

Sunset Salad with oranges, jicama, cilantro & onions

Fruit Salad (ensalada de fruta)

Cabbage Salad with soy vinagrette (ensalada de repollo y soy)

Cabbage Salad with Carrots, Cucumbers & Chayote

Tomato Salad with Basil & Cheese (ensalada de jitomate con albahacar


Refried Beans (frijoles refritos)

Mexican Pinto Beans – whole (guisados)

Lightly sautéed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots or other

seasonal vegetable (broccoli, califlor, zanahoria, o otras verdures salteadas)

Stir-fried Shredded Zuchinni & Carrots (verdures rajadas y Zanahorias)

Layered Zucchini Tomato Gratin With Herbs Corn on the Cob (elote)

Roasted Potatoes (papas asadas a la parilla)

French Fries (papas fritas)


Rice Soup (sopa de arroz)

Fish Soup (sopa de pescado)

Tortilla Soup


Plain White Rice (arroz blanco)

Yellow Achiote Rice (arroz achiote)

Mexican Buttered Rice with Corn & Carrots (arroz Mexicano)


Mexican Specialties:

Tacos: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne), Shrimp (camarones), Fish (pescado)

Pork (carnitas)

Enchiladas: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne), Cheese (queso)

Tostados: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne), Pork (carnitas)

Fajitas: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne), Shrimp (camarones)

Burritos: Chicken (pollo), Beef (carne)

Chiles Rellenos: (stuffed mild peppers) Cheese (queso), Shrimp

FISH (Pescado) Mahi mahi (Dorado), fresh & local, prepared any of the

following ways:

Cilantro lime & butter sauce (salsa de limon, cilantro)

Macadamia (or Pistachio) Nut Butter Sauce

(salsa de nueces y mantequilla – macadamia o pistachio)

With Caper, White Wine & Lemons with Tartar Sauce

(Dorado Dore con salsa de tartar)

Coconut Mahi Mahi

Sauteed in butter (Dorado al natural)

In Garlic and Butter (al mojo de ajo)

In Spicy Red Sauce (a la Diabla)

In Ranchero Salsa (ranchero)

Breaded and pan-fried with Salsa Magui (empanizada salsa magui)

SHRIMP (Camarones) Fresh & local, prepared as any of the following:

Shrimp with Pineapple (camarones con pina)

Coconut Shrimp (camarones de coco)

Shrimp La Pasquale New Orleans Barbeque

Shrimp in Chile Sauce (camarones en salsa de chile)

Sauteed in butter (al natural)

In Garlic and Butter (al mojo de ajo)

In Spicy Red Sauce (a la Diabla)

In Ranchero Salsa (ranchero)


Ribs with Barbecue Sauce (Costillas)

Pulled Pork (Carnitas)

Pork Loin in Salsa (lomo en salsa) CHICKEN (Pollo)

In Mole Sauce (chili and chocolate sauce)

In Green Salsa (salsa verde)

In Red Salsa (salsa roja)

Basque Chicken

With Fresh Mushrooms (con champinones)

Sauteed with Potatoes (dorado con papas)

Chicken Cordon Bleu (with ham & cheese) PASTA

Butter and Garlic (al mojo de ajo)

With Shrimp (pasta de camarones)

Paella (depending on Safron availability, lobster if available)

Lobster Pasta with Cream Sauce (Pasta Langosta las Palapas)

BEEF (Carne)

Thin Beefsteak with Red Ranchero Sauce (bistec ranchero)

Thin marinated Beefsteak (carne asada)

Skirt Steak with Sauteed Chiles & Onions (carne en chile)

DRINKS (Bebidas)

(with large groups, Pitchers of Drinks are the way to go)

Red and White wine (vino tinto y bloanco)

Beer (cerveca)

Milk (leche)

Orange Juice (jugo de naranja)

Water (Agua)

Diet Coke (Coca Lite)

Margaritas Cointreau (2 tequila, 1 cointrea, 1 lime, 1 simple sugar)

Margaritas Naranja (6 tequila, 3 lime, 2 oj, 2 water, 2 simple sugar)

Daquiri (6 rum, 3 lime, 1 water, 1.5 simple sugar )

Mojito (6 rum, 6 soda, 4 simple sugar, 3 lime, mint)

Banana Daquiri (8 rum, 8 ice, 4 lime, 4 banana, 2 simple sugar)

Simple Sugar ( equal parts water and sugar boiled then cooled )

Pina Colada (full service only)

Champagne (by request or bring your own)

Other cocktails (ask with full service, make your own with family)

DESSERTS (Postres)


Ice Cream (Helados): Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango

And many other varieties of fruit flavors

Fried Bananas (platanos fritos) with Sour Cream (con crema lala),

Whipped Cream (crema dulce batida), or Rum (con ron)

Cake (Torta) Chocolate, vanilla or other flavors

Local Sweets & Cookies: peanut brittle (garapinado), coconut

macaroons (cocados), Caramel wafers (caletas en oblelas), Burnt

Sugar Custards (caletas)

Dreamsicle Orange Cups (Copas de Naranja)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit (fruta) – mangos, papaya, pineapple (pina), or

Strawberries (fresas)