Nidia is our fantastic cook and property manager. She speaks  English pretty well and we are really lucky to have found her.  She does all the cooking and shopping.  No need to bring any food or beverages to Las Palapas.  She takes care of all of that so you can enjoy your vacation !  All meals are served wit a lazy susan.  I strongly recommend the favorites menu.  It is all of our favorite meals.  No need to make any decisions.

You get 3 meals per day 6 days a week. There is no service Sundays or Christmas or New Years day.  There is coverage from 8 am to 7pm.  Meal times are 9 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm.  If you want to have dinner later there is a 1,000 peso fee (since we have to pay for them to stay late).  You can have dinner as late as 7:30pm. 

You should budget about $35 to $40 per person per night for the cost of the food and beverages.  I strongly recommend the Favorites Menu.  It is all of our favorite dishes, drinks and appetizers. 

No need to give Nidia 1,000 any more since you can now pay for food and beverage your last day with zelle or venmo. Sit down with her and make any adjustments to the Favorites Menu if you want. If you don’t have any adjustments you don’t have to do anything!  All of our favorite appetizers and meals and beverages just appear! It’s like having a Margarita and Guacamole fairy!

Let her know about special needs such as gluten free etc.  Or you can print the Menu and Form out while at home.  I would suggest you fill it out the Form for  the entire week before you come down. Take a good high resolution photo of if and mail or whataapp it to her.  You can make changes, but be sure to let her know a day or two in advance.  Most items are subject to availability so please select an alternate choice for each.  Again if you forget to do this we just go with the favorites Menu which is our favorites.  or WhatsApp


Use the short food Glossary to show her any ingredients you don’t want in the food such as onions or tomatoes.  If you don’t like food spicy just let her know.

On your last day she will show you how much you owe to replenish all the food and beverages you have used.  It is kind of like a giant mini bar with no mark up.  The house is fully stocked in the beginning and when you check out you have to pay to restock it.  Nydia takes inventory before you arrive and just before you leave.  (for example, peanut butter or mayonnaise may need to be replaced if you used it last, even if you didn’t use the whole thing).  So at the end of your stay Nydia will show you your food and beverage bill.  You can pay your food and beverage bill with zelle or venmo in US dollars.  That is also the time to give her a $560 USD tip for the week in cash.  .

P.S. You might want to manage the half bottles of alcohol at the end of the week.  If a bottle is opened it is yours since you have bought it.  Maybe you don’t need to crack open the dark rum for a late night rum and coke when there is a half bottle of light rum left. 

One person should be the banker.  If you have a group of 15 people budget 15 x 40 x 7 or $4200 for food and beverage.  You pay this with zelle or venmo your last day.

Budget $185 x 2 x 2  (2 cabs each way) for cabs  $740.  Another $80 per night for the groups tip. 

When we stay we let our friends know it is roughly $40per night for food and beverage for adults and budget $20 per night for kids 10 and under.  If a couple with no kids only stays 5 nights that would be 5 x 80  or $400 for food and beverages.  If a couple with no kids stays 7 nights that would be 7 x 80 or $560 dollars.  Please appoint one person as the banker to collect money from all of the others in your party.  The banker  can check out with Nidia.  If the amount is different from the 40 dollars per night (20 per night for kids 10 and under) then the banker can go back and give refunds or ask for more money.  Usually it is pretty close to 40 dollars per night or 20 for kids.

Please click on the links below to see our fabulous food !  We want to thank Nidia and our dear friend Roger Sundahl who has helped us put this menu together ! Don’t forget to have the leftovers for one meal.  They are fabulous!


Favorites Menu.pdf

Menu .pdf